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Originally Posted by satan_gal View Post
I'm sure they prefer to poop in clean toilets.
Like me.
Now if only they could handle the flushing part.

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WC usually causes some stress to Aro due to change of water conditions, fishes need some adjustment with the change, usually it won't eat till they get use to the new water condition. Hence, many hobbyist practice no feeding for those hours depending on individual observation and preference. If the fish don't eat, and food don't remove, it will contaminate the water, thus, wasted the effort.

Personally, I practice no feed on the WC day, since I have tested the Aro by feeding it after 2 hours, it just swim away. Hope this information helps!
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Actually my latest addition is seebay yaogwee one.
Lo simi jiak simi, WC or not.
Yest juz did a WC....and the bugger tried to bite the hose thinkin is food..
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Will not feed during WC day
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