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Nice update, TFS.
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I saw you have a malawi bubblebee and the alto so small you not worry got makan? Haha nice tank
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Steven Hing
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Default Sharing Pictures of Tangan Tank

Originally Posted by CCT View Post
I saw you have a malawi bubblebee and the alto so small you not worry got makan? Haha nice tank

I believe the bubblebee cichlid aka neolamprologus sexfasciatus gold is a Tanganyika cichlid not Malawi cichlid. Its has been so far a pretty good tempered fish, does not chase other smaller fish. The smaller altos are safe, so far I have got a few batches of smaller Altos grown up to adult in my main tank. Once the juvenlin altos reaches 1 inches, off they go into the main tank.

this small Altos is a exception, I lose the whole batch of its sibling due to a faulty pump, with it being the sole survivor. I release it into the main tank probably 2 months back when it was smaller and so far its growing up well. the bigger fishes does not seem to bother it at all.
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