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Endangered Dragon
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Default 2 Flagtails?

anybody here keeping 2 flag tails together ?
i have an 18 inch one on my pond , and a 2nd one 8 inches in my tank, but its getting too big for my tank. i added the smaller one to the pond and it seems to keep on chasing the bigger one? can a small one harass a bigger one? or is it trying to school with the bigger one? the bigger one keeps on running away.
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They do better in groups. Add to numbers of 5 or 6 minimum. They will fight if kept in pairs. Same with the other species like leoporinus or headstanders.
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I have the same problem. 3 FFs. The medium size one bosses around chasing the other two to hide in a corner
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Kept 2 big FF together in my comm tank. Quite peaceful. Too bad one of them up to lorry a few months back
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