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Default How to buy a Red Arowana?

Im located in Beijing, China and in the market for an Arowana. I know this forum is mainly located in SG. What to look for? Color? Scales? etc..

Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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It depends on individual.. 环肥燕瘦,各有千秋。
I will go for body structure and swim posture.
Just that dont go for PLJ and drop eye..
Browse through the forum and you will understand more.
Good luck..
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arowana cannot buy skinny wans

competition grade :
First impression/General appearance
Swimming Posture
Body shape (Broad)
Neatness of scales

Optional :
Yi Tiao Long
Thick or thin frame (this has no right or wrong, just what u like)
Length of fins

To avoid (defects)
Bad swimming posture (45 degrees up or down)
Gill curl
sunken stomach
Skinny aros
Big Eyes not in proportion
Uneven/cracked scales

Ultimately, it is going to be impossible or near impossible to choose the perfect aro, especially when they are young
At 6-7 inches, u probably can't see any colour or thick/thin frame
So u got to choose whatever traits that u can see at that size
But defects u definitely can see, so avoid those at all costs, even if it is cheap
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