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it is hard to have a win-win situation in such cases. please do remember that all our moderators need to work too. at such, they cannot spend all their time online looking out for people who breaks the rules... it is up to us, people who make use of the forum, to actually follow the regulations.

however, not everyone is just as considerate as many of our brothers here (i believe)... there are always a few people who breaks the rules (and that is the reason why there are rules). to discourage such people from posting irrelevant stuff for sale at the buy/sell forum, the moderators have to resort to such measures, as mentioned before, they are not available 24 hours a day to close such threads. hence, to help reduce their workload, they have to impose such restrictions.

i do understand how you feel when you are "punished" for things that you did not commit at all, but think of the forum as a community, for a tolerance of 50 posts, you will be bringing the rest of the members a lot of convenience. furthermore, when you have got 50 posts, you too will see less of nonsense threads, while having the priviledge of using this forum and its buy/sell section.

meanwhile, you can post the things you have for sale at your signature. i am sure many bros and sis here DO read the signature, cos u do hear comments like "I like your signature" and stuff like that.

i am sure that you too, will like to eradicate the problem of irrelevant postings, and that you, a sincere fish hobbyist, will gain your 50 posts soon. think about it, 50 posts is actually easy to gain, just by contributing your knowledge to any of the forums (and there are so many of them).
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