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Originally Posted by aromatix
Dear John & Mods

Firstly, it's a fantastic job that you guys have done so far!
And congratulations on what have become. You don't need awards to know that this is a thriving, bustling marketplace for like-minded hobbyists. By marketplace, I don't mean buying & selling only. We also talk c*ck, lim kopi, exchange ideas, socialise etc etc. I have made many new friends here.

However, to keep this marketplace fresh and exciting, you should not erect barriers to discourage new members. Just like some bros/sis here, when I was new I was looking for many things/fish here. In fact, became my daily addiction !!!!
To impose a min 50 posts is penalising people who love this place for what it was - free-wheeling & dealing and exchange of views/ideas. There'll be run-ins among members and there'll be speculators/pirates as in every marketplace you will meet all kinds of character.

You have done an excellent job by providing a forum where those with initiative will learn not to fall victim to schemes out there. All they have to do is do a bit of search or ask some questions. The very fact that this TKL case is highlighted and given so much airing has brought about increased awareness to this issue.

This is exactly the Arofans Spirit that makes this place so unique. If someone feels there's injustice, he/she brings it out. Let the bro's lesson be ours too.

I fear if restrictions are imposed, the repercussions will be more far-reaching and counter-productive than what your good intentions have originally wanted.
We're clear abt these concerns. And we're not closing every single avenue. Does a member join AF just to sell his goods ? This amendment takes away the privilege to post new threads, which in recent times, AF hv experience excessive advertising and quite a bit of dubious ones. It does not take away his privilege to reply to threads which he can always do when he needs to buy anything or the use of private message. On TKLs, do we always hv to wait till someone gets conned before learning another lesson and the whole process repeats itself again to another unsuspecting member in future. I agree abt the freewheeling in any market place. Our point is, we dun want AF to be a market place. Buy/Sell is supposed to be a subforum, categorised under Others, but it has since taken over and become the dominant forum in terms of views, visits and posts and excessive advertising by traders which is not wat we had intended all along.

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