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Here's what I gathered so far :


-SUPER intense
-Able to keep any coral/invert.
-Dont take alot of canopy space

-Create a lot of heat!
-Consume vast amounts of power
-Raises electric bill most
-Can not touch the bulb
-Less Colors to choose from if only have one
-Cost the most $$$
-You rely on one bulb (sometimes)


-Less expencive then MH
-Dont generate as much heat as MH
-Cost less then MH
-More color to choose from
-Dont consume as much power as MH
-Can keep most corals
-You can touch the bulbs
-If more than two different bulbs, you can simulate dawn and dusk

-Not as intense as MH
-You have more than one bulb to worry about
-Choosing the right bulb can be difficult at time


-No need to replace for up to 5 years
-Create very little heat
-Are not as bulky or big as MH or T5
-There LEDs! I mean c'mon! Thats awsome!
-Can keep a large amounts of different kinds of coral

- Can be Expensive (if you want to DIY red/blue/white blubs)
-Can be confusing to a beginner
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