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Thanks all for comments.

Yes, it is always a concern for me that things will start falling from sky. But as this pond area is where the master room is, most of the units close their windows most of the time. Below is a pic I took. So I just hope these windows will remain close 365 days in a year 😆

I understand that any self construct 'shelter' that is to be mounted on the external walls will need relevant authority approval, and it is not cheap for the application. Thus I am thinking if the 'rain' really start pouring, I will get a parasol instead (this one sure approve without additional cost). No choice, already burst my budget...

Haha... I am still doing my best to convince my CO to allow me to have a monster pond. But honestly, I am already happy enough to have such a pond approved from her liao. She has already made my dream comes true, so I better don't push her too hard at the moment. Anyway there is a long way to go and I still have plenty time to brain wash her 😆

For the CCTV, I did intend to install but was told that if the residents complain, then I have to remove. So in the end I didn't proceed with this. So this is temporary on hold.

I understand from the pond builder that the fgt is ready. He is currently waiting for the glass to be delivered to him. Hopefully next week he could deliver the fgt to me. Cheers!
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