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Originally Posted by leo lim View Post
If my tank is 3ft tank and intend to use only ohf with wools and not other media. Still have to cycle tank to build up good bacteria?
ie intend to use only mechanical filtration.
I wants to keep Gold fishes.

Last Friday setup new tank and added anti-chlorine. Today added some GF and most of them all stay restless at the is floating....
Wool generally serves to provide only mechanical filtration though it can also provide some form of bio filtration if unwashed for a month. But you should really consider getting proper media like biohomme plus+ to culture BB which is essential for establishing the nitrogen cycle.

Your Gold fishes are probably dying from ammonia poisoning as there are no established BB yet to convert ammonia to nitrite...and remember to dechlorinate your tap water as they will kill your BBs. You may use Seachem Prime to achieve that.

Do read up on how to setup nitrogen cycle for new tanks. Its a must for all freshwater fishes especially gold fishes which are extremely fragile...
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