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Default Guide to title threads in Arowana Discussion

In order to keep the Arowana Discussion section neat and free from marketing activities, please refer to the following set of guidelines to properly title new threads.

In the title of threads, it is acceptable to
  1. credit the farm that bred the fish
  2. name the strain of the fish, provided it is listed on the certificate as well

It is not acceptable to
  1. include the name of the shop you bought the fish from
  2. include a branding which is not listed on the arowana's certificate
  3. include the name of the shop owner/ boss/ salesperson/ agent

EXAMPLE: Gold arowana from ABC farm with a strain name of "XYZ Gold" bought from Mr Johnny Tan of 123 pet shop.

What is OK?
  • Take a look at my ABC XYZ Gold!!
  • My XYZ Gold from ABC farm!!

What is not OK and considered as SPAM/marketing?

Take a look at my 123 Gold
My XYZ Gold from 123 shop!
My gold from 123 rocks! Mr Johnny Tan Rocks more!!

Threads not titled according to guidelines will be edited/removed without prior notice.
Guidelines subjected to changes.
The admins and moderators' decision is final.

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