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May I remind all members to go through this thread before posting in Arowana Discussion. If your thread/ post goes missing, it is probably the post had something that isn't in line with the guidelines. Please review before posting similar stuff again. Below is a short summary.

1) Do not post buy/ sell thread in this part of the discussion board. "Where to buy, where to sell, where to find, check price" are considered buy/ sell.

2) If you've come across a good deal and is dying to share it with fellow hobbyist, do it in the "arowana spotted". Again, that is just a sharing thread. Don't be too pushy in your post.

3) Try to be as constructive as possible in your post. "Thanks for sharing" is not constructive.

4) Keep in topic within the threads. Topics which are not arowana related will be removed.

5) Do a search before opening new threads. This forum is so informative that I'm sure many answers can be found from searching.

6) Be as descriptive as possible in your thread title. "Helppppp!!!" is not a good title.

7) Members are kindly requested to refrain from posting threads in relation to Panda Aquatic Centre.
refer to:

8) Do not post about untagged asian arowanas in this forum.
Untagged asian arowanas are considered illegal by AVA and posts regarding untagged asian arowanas will be deleted.
If you're not sure if its tagged or not, ask the source from where you got the fish from. We do not support keeping untagged arowanas.

To understand more about tags and certification of captive bred arowana, read under "Conservation" in the following link

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