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We are not customer service. We do not pm members to tell them their mistake. You think we should. And I can understand why. But no, we will not do that. And u won't understand why and u won't even try to understand why. Like you, when we start this forum, all we wanted was to chat with our friends and other like-minded people. Today, we dun get to enjoy that anymore. We become customer service. Our job is to make other people happy. Should they not follow the guidelines, we must spoonfeed them. We must tell them. Our time at the forum is no longer for chatting with our frens anymore. Our time is to make strangers happy. We become prostitutes. Customer Service Prostitutes. Every day w/o fail, there will be someone doing exactly what we tell them not. We say " stop whining abt being zapped " and they say " those who zap me, blah blah blah ". So we just delete these posts away. They post " I want to sell my PNT " ..... And so we just delete them away. What ? We must pm you to tell you cannot sell PNT, cannot sell araipaima, stop whining abt rep points ? Sorry, the mods here are not your customer service officer. When ur thread gets deleted, think ..... why did my thread get deleted. Something must be wrong and go read the guidelines to see what has gone wrong. Dun expect to be spoonfed unless u want us to treat like u a baby.
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