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I totally agree when you mentioned that organised have to be sanctioned by AFC. The reason why the second thread reappear was because I thought there was a technical error somehow. If you have quietly deleted it and pm me about the infraction, I would have stopped totally! But my side of the story was as such, believe it or not. Even the mod dun know how to answer to my missing thread queries, and thats why I posted again second time. I very much wanted to pm john, but there was no way of me to reach him via pm or other means. I did it thru atom. Many members pmed me and requested me to post details again.

I do not blatantly post repeated post that have been deleted due to conflict of interest. I have already spoken my case, and I personally felt that john did a great job to delete my thread, but at least inform me my mistake and refrain from posting repeated threads. Dun whip and dun tell why, or tell later to the whole world.

Bro John, if you feel that I have not spoken well enough, you can call me at and we talk over phone. I do not want the entire AF community to think otherwise about me. It was with a goodwill that I ask for people to accompany me to farm to look see at aros, never realised that it would become like this now. But its ok, we still move on with our lives. No harm done each other.