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Originally Posted by jimmy631 View Post
It took me 4 years to build up my rep power and pts to 224. And all it took was a wrong posting and it became zero. Not that I care much about the rep system, but this is not the first time it has happened. I even pm one of the mod, and he replied that if the thread was deleted by jwhtan, " then there is nothing he can do to help." Kinda reminds me of LKY system of garment. Hitler management aka tyrant ruler, that's what it is.
Were u banned ? No

Were u zapped to zero from the onset ? No

It wasn't ONE wrong posting. It was 3 threads from you, one from R0bert. I didn't say anything, never penalise you, never zap you, never infract you. I just quietly delete it. When ur thread is deleted each time, u start another one. It is to me, recalcitrant.

I have nothing against any farm, Pang Long or anybody else. It is not about what or who I like or dislike. But all arowana related activities has to be centralised. Should I not put my foot down, when AFC organise visit to Farm A, there will be no stopping Farm B from organising an open house. It'll be chaos. When AFC organise talk on Product A, Product B will organise another talk. What do I do ? Let all hell break loose. I do mine, U do yours ?

U can call me whatever u want. Sticks and stones. I am used to this.

U want a poll. Go start one. Ask " Should jwhtan be evicted from AF ". Go and test ur theory on how many people think like you. I'll be happy to walk away from it all should you be able to substantiate this.

Transparent/Public poll.
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