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What bro john has done works for errand trouble makers who is out to create trouble in AF, but to execute death sentence to someone who happens to be not that savvy about forum, is like a tyrant judge sentencing a accused to death sentence for petty theft. Too harsh. It just creates too much tension among a forum. I agree that there are many who visit this thread and kept back from saying their words for fear of kena zapped to zero.

It took me 4 years to build up my rep power and pts to 224. And all it took was a wrong posting and it became zero. Not that I care much about the rep system, but this is not the first time it has happened. I even pm one of the mod, and he replied that if the thread was deleted by jwhtan, " then there is nothing he can do to help." Kinda reminds me of LKY system of garment. Hitler management aka tyrant ruler, that's what it is.

I am also a member of other forum, but AF is definitely one of the most non-forgiving forum. One wrong mistake and you could be banned.

Personally, I felt that if a thread was started due to non-conformance to AF rules, then It should be deleted, and a pm sent to the starter to inform him of his wrongdoing. And if he still persists to post such thread, then he deserved to be zapped and banned. For me, I thought the thread was deleted due to technical error or connection error, and so I posted a second thread. And this caused all the misunderstanding and me kena zapped to zero. How many members actually read all the fine prints under forum rules and guidelines? Some truely does, whereas most just follow general forum do's and don'ts. That still doesn't warrant a "death sentence".

I hope to see a new management of AF in future. Maybe a poll to see who should or should not be moderating team. No pun intended.....