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Hi my 2 big "aro-brothers" ....

I think it's just a matter of viewing the same subject and having different approach on it ,that all.

Well, just like a half empty glass of water be interpreted as half filled glass of water to others.

Hopefully both of you could meet up in person ,have coffee and discuss some views on the subject rather than debating its outcome here.

Sounds not so good leh...

Our main objective here is to learn and share, whether in pang long or af.

Wish that there could be an opportunity to work things out in an amicable way that both could accept.(compromised approach)

Understand John's frustration when being approach with such comments.And also understand Derrick's view on the way his customers are being treated ......well to me " Live is short , just enjoy it whilst we can ".

Hope i'm not a busy body to give my views here and don't zapp me hor .

Cheers and good-day to all.


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