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Originally Posted by PANG LONG View Post
John i m derrick . The same feeling goes to those member here when their been zap or ask to do things in not a very nice manner. If members feel a need to voice out u as a owner or Senior Mod must give ppl a chances to voice out. I will like to follow the rules here if ppl do it politely and fair. I know i m busy body here or risk ban by u but te motor here is share thru knowledge . I m just sharing. Y not start a poll n see te result .
Tks n have a nice day . See u later .
You come to my house, You follow my rules. Simple as that. If u cannot follow, the door is right up there. I dunno what motor u r talking about but we dun run on motors, engines and what not. Start what poll ? Start a poll to see if I do this for non-profit, fund the site, do the activities and then let u dictate my actions ? Can I go to Pang Long and tell u, the pond cannot be here ..... u must dig one hole there ....... the name cannot call Pang Long ..... it sounds like put condom ..... can i say all these to you and tell you to change ? No, right ...... You do ur things ur way, I do my things my way ....... and that's the bottomline.

Dun like zap .... there are plenty of websites that dun have this ..... AF is not exclusive .... go where it suits you ....
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