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Default Sanctioned Activities for arowana related entities

All activities pertaining to arowanas and it's keeping, eg courses, group buys, auctions, harvesting, farm visits, will henceforth have to be organised under the AFC umbrella. Private individual organised events will not be sanctioned by AF. It undermines the work put in by the club and it creates a conflict of interest between participating farms in AFC and non-participating farms. We will only conduct visits to AFC member farms and only open to AFC members.

If your thread got deleted, that means it has NOT BEEN DEEMED APPROPRIATE BY AF MANAGEMENT. Starting another again and again is pure recalcitrant behaviour. With the formation of AFC, all arowana related activities will be organised by one entity and not as and when each of you like. It undermines the efforts of the club and brings everything back to square one with everyone doing their own things.

I can accept people not joining the club, but to run a alternative event on your own, on this same very platform, is NO GO. Especially if you do not have the basic courtesy to even ask us for permission

Trips to all member farms will be arranged in due course.
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