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lolz............. sometime read read and laugh until stomach pain. Oppss.. sorry i laughing at the song.
I think is good is have some control. Long time members here knows whats happening and who are the bad one. But adding or minusing points should be those of adult and not by some young kids. Below i feel good.

Excess chatting despite of repeated warnings (P)=3
Hijack of sales thread (P)=3
Inappropriate language - Flaming (P)=3
Inappropriate language - Threatening of others (P)=5
Inappropriate language - Vulgarities (P)=5
Inappropriate language - Vulgarities in a threatening manner (P)=8
Inappropriate language - Insulting others despite of repeated warnings (P)=8
Posting inappropriate links/pictures (P)=5 must specify further
Selling in non-buy & sell forums (P)=3
Selling of illegal items (P)=10
Selling on behalf (P)=10
Spammed advertisements (P)=5
Spammed advertisements across multiple forums (P)=10
Posting smilies only posts at aquatic forums (P)=2newbie will be unaware. easy to make mistake, warning will do
Aquatic pictures in wrong gallery (P)=1i think is ok that ppl make mistake
Not following bidding guidelines (P)=4

Originally Posted by jwhtan View Post
wow ... hundreds of millions ... wow

* Barney sings *

Are you dreaming
Are you dreaming
Brother John Brother John
Morning Bells are ringing
Morning Bells are ringing
Ding Ding Dong
Ding Ding Dong

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