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Originally Posted by PANG LONG View Post
U take up a post than u do a good job. We are all learning including me . We can only grow if we accept wat ppl say . Change urself first b4 u wat others to change. It is such a early stage of AFC and u give tis type of comments. Do u have any responsiblity towards those who give support to te club. U want ppl to show respect to AF or AFC than those who r in charge here must show respect to members too . Ppl make other ppl happy when they feel happy too. Just a share of my thoughts here. U can ignore me but r u going to ignore te rest. Cheers.
I have been more than polite to you but dun take my kindness as weakness.

I dunno who is behind this nick. Derrick or Koji but let me say this to you. I do not tell you how to do your job. And u do not tell me how to do mine. This is my final word to you. I am willing to risk having one member or two member less if you insist to dictate how I do my job.

btw I never wanted to change anyone. It is none of my business, so please do not put words into my mouth. And in return, I ask that others do not change me.
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