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Hey Huttshun,

Thanks for your most informative post. I just started on discuses... and wanted to know how you (or anyone else who reads this post) maintains their pH stable? Do you just keep checking it all day? That's currently what I'm doing now.. i check my pH like 3 times a day at least.... even when I'm at work.

So when u do your waterchange, how do you make sure the pH is stabilised, esp. if you do a 50%? Or does this all come with experience?

Hi Tonks, saw your post to bro Huttshun. Hope bro Huttshun does not mind but just to share my experience, fishes will acclimatize to the water conditions after awhile (including pH). I've kept discus in pH of 8.2-8.6 (western part of sg) as well as 7.2-7.4 (eastern part of sg) and transferred them in between as well. No issues as long as the transfer are done slowly. What I'm saying is it would be better to condition the discus to your tap water pH than to constantly meddle using chemicals to bring the pH down to book standards. Having said, if you're still keen to drop the pH or maintain over a regular period (3-6mths depending on size of tank) can consider Sera peat. Put it in the last compartment of your filter. pH will drop quite rapidly (i was using a 2ft) to as low as 4.5... more suited for wilds than domestic breeds. During the trial period, my discus were quite stressed out with the pH drop (darting around, showing stress bars etc) so eventually i've stopped using it. Could be attributed more to the rapidness in the drop rather than the actual difference but I just felt that I should go back to basic. If you want, you can put the bag in the tank/container used for aging water. The pH drop won't be so drastic overnight and could contain good trace elements. All said, clean aged water is still the best. Don't have to worry too much about pH. Hardness is only important if the eggs don't get fertilized by a mature proven pair. Enjoy the process and hope to see you around in the forums
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