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Originally Posted by HuttShun View Post
Hmmm got nothing to do so just post this for fun. Maybe in future got use for new members who interested in keeping discus. If u guys think that i like to show off go ahead and think, I don't care. Good Discus keepers please correct me if i'm wrong.

Guide to keeping discus.

1)Make sure u have a at least (to me) a 2.5ft tank. Remember, the bigger the better.

2)Make sure you cycle your water properly, i cycled my tank for 1month with two sponge filters. You guys can choose to use other filters but make sure you cycle your tank and also make sure that the flow rate of the water is not so powerful, as discus don't like strong currents. The filter i recommend are sponge filters. ( I'm not too sure about this, so maybe someone can help me with the cycling of water?)

3)After finishing your cycling go and do some fish shopping, the place i recommend is "Chai Discus Farm" ( ) I bought almost all my discus from there, they provide excellent service and they also produce good quality fishes. If u have any questions you can ask them.

4)Equipments: A heater ( discus prefer warm water and they do trive better in warm waters. if u have a heater maybe you can set it to 30 degree celsius)
P.H pen ( discus prefer low ph about 6.5 to 7? Please correct me if i'm wrong. you can choose not to get this. )

After having all your equipments and stuff ready. It's time to go and shop for discus!

1) get your discus from reputable aquariums. Other aquariums may con you into buying stunted discus.

2)After getting your fish, wait for it to settle down first, then try feeding a LITTLE bit of food to it. if it eats, then the discus is already stabilzed

3) get discus in a small group, they feel more comfortable living in small groups. abt 4 to 6 in a 2.5ft tank. of course when the tank is bigger u may want to add a few more into your tank. just make sure that they don't get too cramp.

Raising juveniles

1) as i said get your discus from reputable aquariums. if u plan to get a juvenile it is essential to feed it more often or they will get stunted.

2) checking for stunted discus, you look at their size of the body, if its small eye small body, then its not stunted, but if the size of the eye is big, its stunted. ( i'm not sure abt checking for stunted discus)

Breeding discus

1) If u get a confirm pair of discus, do not be too happy, they may be a pair but not a breeding pair.
2) if u intend to breed discus make sure that u have a lot of fish tanks. not too small not too big. maybe about 2.5ft or 3ft for breeding them.
3)if u spot a pair, u may want to seperate them into another tank, preferbly about 2.5ft to 3ft. get a breeding cone and wait for them to breed.
4) If they successfully breed and the offsprings are still eggs, u may want to add some metalyn blue to prevent the discus eggs from getting fungus.
5)if the fries are hatched do not feed them, they will feed on the slim on their parents body, but when they are slightly bigger you may want to seperate them and pump them wif food. juveniles can eat brine shrimp or blood worm.

Feeding Discus

1)you may want to feed dry food for discus. that is fine. but a mixture between dry and live food are the best.
2)Brine shrimp
3) blood worm
4) beef/ pig heart

If u have any more questions you may want to post it and i'll try to help you
And again as i said PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG.

Excellent guides for a newie who considers to start discus. I'm one of those.
Thank you.
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