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Originally Posted by Dave57 View Post
Thanks for the info.

May I suggest that you allow the parents to bring up their next batch of fry themselves. It would be very interesting to witness their brooding/fry-raising process. I had previously seen a photo of an Eartheater releasing fry from its mouth. That picture is really beautiful. Would love to see pictures of a Heros doing this too...

The Panoramic shot of your tank is very nice! That pike looks jealous.
sure, as you may understand, as a hobbyist, we tend to play 'safe' and strip these fellas, in case they eat up their fries for some reason.. and especially so for 1st spawn, and that these parents were sold/purchased as 'wild'...

for 2nd spawn, i'm not sure how well these fellas could hold out against the pair of pikes they're now housed with... let's see then!!

if only i had more tanks, i would surely let them take care of their next spawn...
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