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Originally Posted by Kaz
Alright, bros, I've finally completed all 8 profiles on the representatives of the 8 species groups of the genus Crenicichla (Saxatilis, Lugubris, Wallaci, Acutirostris, Lacustris, Missioneira, Reticulata and Scotti)! Thanks so much for refraining from posting while I was still doing the profiles. I also apologize for using that C. lugubris pic which apparently belongs to P. Burnel. However, I'm sure he will not blame me for using his pic to spread knowledge of pikes around!

Bros, please feel free to post any comments and constructive criticism! Thanks!
wow, now that's a generous contribution. thx and upz coming! i going to add these links as further resources (previously discussed here on AF).
hope we can soon have a place for pike lovers to unite (although currently not keeping any)

Originally Posted by ray2828
Woh, i am impressed. Thats a lot of research. I am currently exploring the possibility of going into pikes. Any beginner species to recommend?
you can't go wrong with pikes! they are amazing
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