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I kept 3 IT at home for a period of 6 -8 months with my aro. I got them when there were about 3-4 inches. And in the span of time, they grew to about 6-7 inches. But one day for NO reason (no change of water etc ... ) the only 3 bar both side died. I took it's body out of the water, no apparent injury (I kept it with my aro and other tigers). Leaving me with the other 2 x 4 bars one. Needless to say .. my heart ached. But I just want to find out what happened to it ... from this web site, I realised that there is a SDS syndrome. But isn't my tiger a little big to catch SDS ... hmm .....

Also, I have been surfing the net trying to find pictures that clearly show the diff bt 3 bar IT and ST. I have some idea (e.g. the tail and body shape). But when I try to put the theories with some of the pictures on the net, I end up mistaking the IT for a ST or the other way round. There are some ST that do not have a thick line on the tail. They look like ITs ... wah .. really headache especially when I am trying to own a ST.

Appreciate if anyone has more info .. cheers to all. This site has been an excellent source of info ...

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