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Default Pleco Club (Singapore) Notice of change in Office Bearer

With effect from 31st October 2015, Mr. Edmund Koh ( President), Mr. Christopher Kim (Secretary) and Mr. Kenneth How (Treasurer) have stepped down from their respective office. The Club wishes to express its heartfelt thanks for the contributions for the past years and wishes them well in their future endeavours.

Pleco Club (Singapore) wishes to congratulate and welcome the new Committees

President: Mr. Tan Yong Kiat

Vice President: Mr. Johannes Murti Jaya

Treasurer: Mr. Edmund Koh

Asst. Treasurer: Mr. Lim Zhong Rui Abel

Secretary: Mr. Soon Wei Zhi

Asst. Secretary: Mr. Christopher Kim

Committee Rep.:

Mr. Lawrence Siow

Mr. Lok Weng Kit

Mr. Kwok Tuck Kheong David

Mr. Chan Kum Sing Teddy

Mr. Chia Mun Chew Chris

Mr. Yuen Chee Keong Andy

Mr. Ng Fong Yeah Mark

For your necessary Info

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