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Default Plant Carbo (liquid CO2)

Plant Carbo - Bioavaliable liquid carbon source for aquatic plants

EIHO Plant Carbo contains bio-avaliable carbon sources to replace need for CO2 in planted aquarium.

Without CO2 injection, aquatic plants are often stun in growth, cause by limited carbon sources in water.
With addition of EIHO Plant Carbo, aquatic plants are better able to absorb extra nutrient and fertilizers.
This will reduce algae growth.

Popular with nano tank, low-tech plant setup or in tanks where CO2 is limited. Improvement in plant growth can be seen within 1-2 week of usage.

Avaliable in 250ml and 500ml

EXTRA: Plant Carbo is also effective to treat Black brush algae, blue-green algae and spot algae. Just add as per recommended amount.

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