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Default Need advise on Planted Tanks


I'm planning to install a planted tank in my study, but still can't make up my mind which to choose without breaking the bank.

Need the advise of ppl here, since I've not been keeping fishes for long time, and it's the first time i try to keep plant properly.

Below some of the summary:

Tank: 60 or 90cm tank (Still cannot decide which fit better in my study) which size one better for room?
Light: Maybe a 2nd hand Twinstar E series light. (Any other brand to intro)
Cabinet: Normal aquarium cabinet
Filter: Oase filtosmart 200 (Any to intro)
Co2: Normal co2 cylinder tank 2L set up
RODI system: Is it necessary? or can I just add anti chorine direct into tap water
Fan: Dymax Vortex 5-W
Bio: Seachem Matrix, Seacham Prime

The local fish shop nearby at Serangoon north do not have many varieties, and I don't see any lab plants available... Most of the items listed I think I have to order online unfortunately, although there's so many aquarium shops nearby...

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