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Default NKS Aquarium: Tanganyikan Shipment out of Africa

Hi All Tangan enthusiasts,

There will be an African Tanganyika shipment landing this month,
exact date to be updated. (tentatively 24th July 2015)

The shipping list is as follow:

Cyphotilapia Frontosa "kansombo" (10-13cm) $127.73

Tropheus Brichard "kipili" (6-9cm) $48.50

Tropheus Brichard "namansi" (6-9cm) $71.90

Tropheus murago "wampembe" (6-9cm) $121.82
Tropheus murago "wampembe" (10-13cm) $139.78

Tropheus moorii "namansi" (6-9cm) $51.90
Tropheus moorii "namansi" (10-13cm) $57.88

Tropheus red cheek "mpimbwe" (6-9cm) $71.82
Tropheus red cheek "mpimbwe" (10-13cm) $83.79

Tropheus Kaiser Ôkola" (6-9cm) $52.88
Tropheus Kaiser Ôkola" (10-13cm) $71.82

Tropheus yellow cheek "korongwe" (6-9cm) $59.85
Tropheus yellow cheek "korongwe" (10-13cm) $71.82

Tropheus polli "ikola" (6-9cm) $52.88
Tropheus polli "ikola" (10-13cm) $64.8

Petrochromis polyodon "kasanga" (10-13cm) $159.70

Petrochromis blue giant "kipili" (18-21cm) $194.64

Petrochromis kazumbe "mpimbwe" (10-13cm) $157.73
petrochromis kazumbe "mpimbwe" (14-17cm) $169.70

Petrochromis macrognatus "ikola" (6-9cm) $141.67
Petrochromis macrognatus "ikola" (10-13cm) $165.61
Petrochromis macrognatus "ikola" (14-17cm) $179.55

Petrochromis yellow moshi "ikola" (10-13cm) $149.63
Petrochromis yellow moshi "ikola" (14-17cm) $179.55
Petrochromis yellow moshi "ikola" (18-21cm) $209.48
Petrochromis yellow moshi "ikola" (22-25cm) $239.40

Julidochromis marlieri "kasanga" (6-9cm) $46.16

Enantiopus melanogenys "muzi" (6-9cm) $94.87

Lamprologus ocellatus "ikola" (3-5cm) $29.40
Lamprologus brevis "ikola" (3-5cm) $39.20

Xenotilapia ochrogenys "kasanga" (6-9cm) $76.82

Opthathalmotilpia boops "nkondwe" (6-9cm) $76.82

Cyprichromis leptosoma jumbo "kasanga" (6-9cm) $49.40
Cyprichromis leptosoma pavo "kasanga" (6-9cm) $50.28

All are wild caught fishes.
*Actual size may vary.

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