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Default Tanganyika for Pre Order.

Hi all,

The Tangan shipment is coming out from Czech.

The list below is open for pre-order, interested parties can pm me, price enquiries and orders. OR you can mark your queries and orders in this thread.

The shipment is scheduled on 1st or 2nd week of March 2016.

Sex ratio can be requested subject to availability.

Altolamprologus calvus perl Congo 1,2
Altolamprologus calvus perl Congo 1,6-2
Altolamprologus calvus perl Congo 2-2,8
Altolamprologus calvus black pectoral 1,2
Altolamprologus calvus black pectoral 1,6-2
Altolamprologus calvus black pectoral 2-2,4
Altolamprologus calvus white Chaitika 1,6-2
Altolamprologus calvus yellow 1,6-2

Altolamprologus compresiceps Kasanga gold head 1,2
Altolamprologus compresiceps Kasanga gold head 1,6-2
Altolamprologus compresiceps Kasanga gold head 2-2,4
Altolamprologus compresiceps Mutondwe 1,6-2
Altolamprologus compresiceps red Kigoma 1,6-2

Altolamprologus compresiceps red Kigoma 2-2,4
Altolamprologus compresiceps gold Kigoma 1,2
Altolamprologus compresiceps gold Kigoma 1,6-2
Altolamprologus compresiceps gold Kigoma 2-2,4

Altolamprologus sp. Sumbu 1,6
Altolamprologus fasciatus 1,2
Altolamprologus compressiceps red fin 4-5cm
Altolamprologus compressiceps fire fin new 1,2
Altolamprologus compressiceps fire fin 1,6-2
Altolamprologus compressiceps orange head Kambimba 1,6-2

Aulonocranus dewindti 5-6cm
A.compresiceps gold 5-7cm
red fin 5-7cm
Bentochromis tricoti 7-9cm wild

Cyphotilapia frontosa Kigoma 1,6-2
Cyphotilapia frontosa Bangwe yellow 1,6-2
Cyphotilapia frontosa Mpimbwe 1,6-2
Cyphotilapia frontosa Moba blue Zaire 1,6-2
Cyphotilapia frontosa Kapampa blue Zaire 1,6-2
Cyphotilapia frontosa Tembwe 4cm
Cyphotilapia frontosa Black widow Mutant
Cyphotilapia frontosa Ikola 4-5cm

Chalinochromis brichardi 1,6-2
Chalinochromis brichardi 2-2,4

Calochromis macrops Ndole 1,6-2
Calochromis macrops Ndole 2,4-2,8
Calochromis macrops Ndole 3,1-4
Calochromis melanostigma Utinta 1,6-2
Calochromis melanostigma Utinta 2,4-2,8
Callochromis pleurospilus Kigoma 1,6-2
Callochromis pleurospilus Kigoma 2,4-2,8
Callochromis stapersi 1,6-2
Callochromis stapersi 2,4-2,8
Calochromis stapersi Utinta 4-5cm
Calochromis melanostigma Uvira 4-6cm color

Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu XL
Cyprichromis leptosoma Malasa 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Malasa 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis leptosoma Malasa XL
Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mwuna 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mwuna 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis leptosoma Bulu Point 1,6
Cyprichromis leptosoma Kambwimba 5-6cm
Cyprichromis leptosoma kambwimba 7-8cm
Cyprichromis leptosoma Kekese 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis leptosoma Chituta Neon head 2-2,4
Cyprichromis leptosoma Chituta Neon head 2,8-3,1
Cypricgromis leptosoma kambwimba 5-7cm
Cyprichromis leptosoma Kantalamba 5-7cm
Cyprichromis leptosoma Moba 5-7cm
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kafungi 5-7cm
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kitumba ALBINO 4-5cm
Cyprichromis pavo Kapampa 5-6cm
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro 2,5-3
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo fulwe rock 7-8cm
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Chimba 7-8cm
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kitumba 2-2,4
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kitumba 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo yellow head Kabwimbwa 2-2,4
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo yellow head Kabwimbwa 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kakese 2-2,4
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Kakese 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Chipimbi 2-2,4
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Chipimbi 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo LIVUA new 2,4-3,1
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo black Bee XL wild 4-4,7
Cyprichromis sp.jumbo Mbita Gold 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis zonatus Chituta 2-2,4
Cyprichromis zonatus Chituta 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis zonatus Kiku gold
Cyprichromi sp.jumbo Katete 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Karilani 2,8-3,5
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kigoma 2-2,4
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kigoma 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu-point 2-2,4
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu-point 2,8-3,1
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mabilibili 2-2,4
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kasai 7-10cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza 3-4
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mboko 6-8cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bemba 5-7cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Sibwesa 5-7cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kavala 4-5cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kavala 6-7cm color

Cyathopharynx foai Deep Mbity 2-2,4
Cyathopharynx foai Deep Mbity 2,8-3,1
Cyathopharynx foai Sumbu green 2,4
Cyathopharynx foai Chituta 2-2,4
Cyathopharynx foai Karilani 2-2,4
Cyathopharynx foai Karilani 2,8-3,1
Cyathopharynx foai Sibwesa 2-2,4

Cyathopharynx furcifer Kabogo 2-2,4
Cyathopharynx furcifer Chituta 2,8-3,1
Cyathopharynx furcifer Resha 2,8-3,1

Greenwoodochromis belcrossi 5-10cm

Eretmodus cyanostictus Kigoma 1,6-2
Eretmodus cyanostictus Moba 1,6-2
Eretmodus marksmithi Bangwe 4-6cm

Enantiopus melanogenis Karema XL 10-12cm
Enantiopus melanogenys 2-2,4
Enantiopus melanogenys 2,4-2,8
Enantiopus sp. Kilesa 2-2,4
Enantiopus sp. Kilesa 2,8
Enantiopus melanogenys Utinta orange 2-2,4
Enantiopus melanogenis Karema 5-6cm
Enantiopus melanogenis Karema 7-8cm
Ectodus descampsi 2-2,4
Ectodus descampsi 2,4-3,1

Julidochromis dickfeldi 2,5
Julidochromis dickfeldi XL
Julidochromis marlieri 2,4-2,8
Julidochromis ornatus 2-2,4
Julidochromis regani Kipili 2,4-2,8
Julidochromis regani 2,4-2,8
Julidochromis transcriptus 2-2,4
Julidochromis transcriptus Gombe 2-2,4
Julidochromis transcriptus Kalemie 2-2,4

Lamprologus kungweensis 1,3
Lamprologus ocellatus 1,3
Lamprologus ocellatus XL
Lamprologus ocellatus gold Zambia 1,3
Lamprologus ocelatus Blue 3cm
Lamprologus ornatipinnis 1,3
Lamprologus signatus 1,6
Lamprologus signatus 2-2,4
Lamprologus speciosus 1,3
Lamprologus speciosus 1,6
Lamprologus multifasciatus 1,2
Lamprologus similis 1,2
Lamprologus ventralis 1,6-2
Lamprologus meleagris 1,2-1,6
Lamprologus lemairii 4-5cm

Lepidiolamprologus nkambae 1,6
Lepidiolamprologus nkambae 2,8-3,1
Lepidiolamprologus nkambae 3,1-4,3
Lepidiolamprologus kendali 2-2,4

Labochilotes labiatus 7-8cm

Lamprichtis tanganicus 5-7cm

Neolamprologus boulengeri 2-2,4
Neolamprologus brevis 1,6
Neolamprologus brevis 2-,2,4
Neolamprologus brichardi 1,6
Neolamprologus brichardi 2-2,4
Neolamprologus brichardi XL
Neolamprologus brichardi Fulwe Rocks 1,6
Neolamprologus brichardi Fulwe Rocks 2-2,4
Neolamprologus brichardi Albino 1,6-2

Neolamprologus buescheri Katoto 1,6
Neolamprologus buescheri Katoto 5-6cm
Neolamprologus calipterus 5-8cm
Neolamprologus calliurus Milambo
Neolamprologus caudopunctatus 1,6-2
Neolamprologus caudopunctatus Kapampa 1,6-2
Neolamprologus cylindricus 1,6-2
Neolamprologus cylindricus 2,4
Neolamprologus cylindricus Gold head 1,6-2
Neolamprologus falcicula Cygnus 1,6
Neolamprologus falcicula Cygnus 2
Neolamprologus falcicula Walteri 1,6
Neolamprologus gracilis 1,6
Neolamprologus hecqui 1,6
Neolamprologus hecqui XL
Neolamprologus helianthus 1,6-2
Neolamprologus helianthus 2,2-2,6
Neolamprologus leleupi Orange 1,6
Neolamprologus leleupi Orange 2-2,8
Neolamprologus marunguensis 1,6-2
Neolamprologus marunguensis2,2-2,6
Neolamprologus mustax orange 1,6
Neolamprologus meeli 1,6-2
Neolamprologus meeli XL
Neolamprologus pulcher Daffodil 1,6-2
Neolamprologus pulcher Daffodil 2,5
Neolamprologus sexfasciatus Kipili 1,6
Neolamprologus sexfasciatus Kipili 2-2,4
Neolamprologus tetracanthus 1,6
Neolamprologus tetracanthus 2-2,4
Neolamprologus tetracanthus 3,1
Neolamprologus tretocephalus 1,6
Neolamprologus tretocephalus 2-2,4
Neolamprologus heliantus XL
Neolamprologus leleupi Lilac black 2-2,4
Neolamprologus Obscurus 4-6cm
Neolamprologus savoryi XL
Neolamprologus nigriventris 2-2,4
Neolamprologus werneri
Neolamprologus longicaudatus 2
Neolamprologus Prochilus 4-6cm
Neolamprologus bifasciatus new rare
Neolamprologus Modestus yellow pectoral

Ophthalmotilapia boops "Neon Streak" Nkondwe 2

Ophthalmotilapia nasuta Gold 1,6-2

Ophthalmotilapia nasuta Chimba 2-2,4 New!!!! Color
Ophthalmotilapia nasuta Gold 2-2,4 New!!!! Color
Ophthalmotilapia nasuta Mukosa F1 new
Ophthalmotilapia nasuta orange Ulwile 5cm

Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Zongwe 1,6

Ophthalmotilapia ventralis Lupota Rare 1,6-2,4

Ophthalmitilapia ventralis Kabogo 5-7cm

Paracyprichromis brieni Lusingu 2-2,4

Petrochromis Bulu point 4-5cm F1 Bulu point 8-9cm F1

Petrochromis famula Sangala 4-5cm F1
famula Bemba 4-5cm F1
famula Kigoma 4-5cm F1
famula Kigoma 5-6cm F1
famula Kaiser 4-5cm F1
Petrochromis poliodon Chinga 4-5cm F1
Petrochromis orthognatus Ikola4-5cm F1

Petrochromis trewavasae Moliro 4-5cm F1

Petrochromis sp.Flame tail 4-5cmF1

Petrochromis moshi yellow Sibwesa F1 4cm
Petrochromis sp texas bulu point 5-6cm

Petrochromis macrognathus Katumbi Point F1 5-6cm

Petrochromis sp Longola 12-15cm
Petrochromis sp texas Bulu point 8-10cm
Petrochromis famula Bemba 8cm
Petrochromis sp Giant blue

Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" 2-2,4
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" 2,8-3,1
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" XL
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" albino 2,8-3,1

Telmatochromis temporalis 1,6
Telmatochromis temporalis 2-2,4
Telmatochromis temporalis Mbita f1
Telmatochromis vittatus 2-2,4

Tropheus duboisi 1,6-2
Tropheus duboisi 2-2,4
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 1,6-2
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 2,2-2,6
Tropheus sp. black Bemba 1,6-2
Tropheus sp. black Bemba 2,4-2,8
Tropheus sp. black Kiriza 1,6-2
Tropheus sp. black Ikola 1,6-2
Tropheus brichardi Kalemie NEW 4cm
Tropheus brichardi Kongwe green NEW4cm
Tropheus brichardi Namansi 4-6cm
Tropheus brichardi Kipili albino
Tropheus moorii Murago Tanzania 4-5cm

Tropheus moorii Bemba OB
Tropheus moorii kalambo OB F1 5-6cm
Tropheus moorii Red belly F1

Tropheus moorii Ilangi real yellow 6cm
Tropheus moorii Moliro 2,4-2,8
Tropheus moorii Chipimbi 2,4-2,8
Tropheus moorii Chipimbi albino
Tropheus moorii Kasakalawe 1,6-2
Tropheus moorii golden Kazumba 1,6-2
Tropheus moorii red rainbow Kasanga 1,6-2
Tropheus moorii Namansi 5-6cm
Tropheus moorii Luangala 5-7cm
Tropheus moorii Katoto red dorsal 5-6cm
Tropheus moorii kachese red 5-8cm
Tropheus moorii red rainbow Kambwimba 4-6cm
Tropheus moorii Chimba 5cm

Xenotilapia bathyphilus Burundi
Xenotilapia flavipinis Lepeli 4-5cm
Xenotolapia spiloptera Mabilibili 4cm
Variabilichromis moorii 1,2
Variabilichromis moorii 1,6-2
Variabilichromis moorii 2,4-2,8

Xenotilapia ochrogenis Kipili 2-3
Xenotilapia papilio Tembwe II 1,6
Xenotilapia papilio Tembwe II 2
Xenotilapia papilio Kanoni 1,6-2

Xenotilapia spiloptera Kachese 1,6-2
Xenotilapia spiloptera kipili 4-6cm

Xenotilapia flavipinis Isanga 6-8cm
Xenotilapia flavipinis Kigoma 6-7cm

Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza 7-10cm
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Mboko7-10cm
Cyprichromis sp jumbo Chimba 7-10cm
Cyprichromis leptosoma Utinta XL
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu XL
Cyprichromis sp jumbo Livua 7-10cm
Xenotilapia "Ochrogenys Kavala" 7-10cm
Xenotilapia ornatipinis Moliro 6-9cm
Xenotilapia bathyphilus Burundi XL
Enantiopus melanogenis Karema 8cm
Enantiopus sp.Kilesa 8-10cm

Petrochromis famula Bemba 8-9cmcm
Petrochromis sp flametail 10cm
Petrochromis famula Kigoma 6-8cmcm
Petrochromis sp Kaiser Nkondwe 8-10cmcm
Petrochromis orthognathus Ikola 8-10cm
Xenotilapia flavipinis Kekese red royal wild
Petrochromis sp Texas bulu point 6-9cmm
Xenotilapia sp red princess 4-6cm
Grenwoodoochromis bellcrosii 8-10cm
Wild Petrochromis famula sangala
Wild Petrochromis spKaiser Nkondwe

Tropheus moorii ilkola 6-7cm
Tropheus moorii Bulupoint 7-9cm
Xenotilapia flavipinnis crocodile island Wild
Xenotilapia flavipinnis Kashenge Wild
Xenotilapia bathyphilus Kekese Wild
Tropheus moorii Kalambo OB XXL Males
Tropheus sp red bishop 5-7cm
Altolamprologus calvus black pectoral original congo XXL
Altrolamprologus compressiceps Fire fin Zambia XXL
Altrolamprologus compressiceps Golden head Kasanga XXL
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kasai XXL 12-14cm
Tropheus mooorii Bulu point Kirschflack 7-8cm
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 7-9cm full color

Thks for reading.
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