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Sat night....wife has commented Baby situation has become worse (need to take longer for force feeding coz will vomit if too fast)
I brought up the subject again.
This time she agreed but said that she will not go with me to the Vet.
I kept quiet and thinking in my heart, I will bring Baby to the Vet on Sunday evening. I never tell her coz I know she will have a sleepless night if I did.

So the next morning, after making coffee for me, she started to force feed Baby again. Then feed again during lunch, feed again at 4pm. At 6pm, feed Baby Vitamin.
In my mind thinking...."Oh no". My plan is to bring Baby to the Vet at 7pm (still have not tell wife although I have been giving lots of hints to wife whole day)
Wife feeding Vitamin and within 1 hr, I will bring Baby to the Vet.
How can I do it?
Need to postpone the visit to the Vet again.

Later in the night, after feeding Baby with medicine. I called her and she gave me a weak "meow" response.
Wish I understand what it mean....
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