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Received a pm from Kenny as follows:

Originally Posted by Kenny Kha
Hi Bro , i very confused with this Bro Sale Thread ,

I did not ask him to Reserved his on sales Item for me , as spoken to his sms , i just said i tomorrow go to his location view his Lightset First then decide whether want to buy it , n told him Dun need reserve for me , because if got some Bros here interested his lightset then he can sell it straight away to the buyer , n he said ok to me , but now why his thread stated already Reserved by me ? Just sms to him twice time but did not get any respone from him

Sorry Bro , Trouble u again , Hopes u understand wat i said , cos my english not so good

Thks Bro
TS, so Kenny did not reserved the item as per pm from the above and all the smses to you.
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