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Originally Posted by silane View Post
Ok more tigers:
This one is yellow/tangerine tigers:

Not sure the same species as tiger or not.
I love this colour!!!

Originally Posted by silane View Post
Got this in PM, might well post anwer here:

Water parameter is not that critical if water quality is good, they can adapt to changes with certain range. Most tiger adapt well without color lost except OE blue tigers their color may recover after 2 weeks or so. My parameters are:

pH : 6.3 to 6.8
gH : 2 to 4
kH : dont care
TDS : 150ppm (100 to 200ppm is ok)
temperature : set aircon at 24C

Generally, I dont really care about water parameter, as I know my setup will fall within the range and just tune the TDS to about 150ppm. Strains I am keeping are: OE black tigers, OE blue tigers, Royal Blue Tiger, Super Tigers and Yellow Tiger.

Normal tiger pH and GH in nature is low. Especially blue tigers were kept in higher pH like mild alkaline in Europe. In asia, they are kept in acidic range like 6.X.

Choosing the right soil for tiger is very important, having pH and GH keep along in range is not good enough. Tiger cannot do well in organic rich water, organic richness cannot be measured by pH, GH or other parameter.
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