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Default Callochromis macrops

Originally Posted by Brichardi View Post
My macrops are always spawning but they can't seem to hold their eggs. Longest one was holding for 7 days but gave up. Shame as they need to hold it for 3 weeks to then spit out the fries. Most likely reasons for them not holding is 1) community tank - co-existing with other species 2) not enough females to distract the 3 horny males; Hence my next project is to try out different methods: 1) Let it hold for 5~7 days and then strip them or 2) move the holding females to a tank of their own.

My current project is >> 2) I've separated 2 holding females to a tank of their own and see how many days they can hold the eggs. 3 weeks is a long time but let's wait and see how it goes. Wish me luck!
Day 2 >> 1 female spat out her eggs....about 20 of them as they laid 'fungus-ing' on the bare bottom tank. The other female still holding but not promising. Thinking of stripping her of she ever holds 1 week.....
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