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Discus with pigeon blood will definitely show black specks..... You can reduce it appearance ( acutally it's more of an illusion ) by using light coloured background and gravel, or a bare tank.... Anyway it's normal.

Internal bacterial/parasite is hard to cure ... Best way is to medicate the food directly for them to eat it, dosing the tank only helps a little. Medicate them once in a few months even if they don't have white poo, just in case ....

Tape-worms are bad too, normal medication don't have much effect. Need to feed them directly with anti-tapeworm meds. This treatment is especially important to people buying wild caught discus. Worms will come out as long threads.

Stunted discus are the worse, their small size is already an indication of permanent health problems..... Need to dispose of/remove them before they die or they will release germs into the water.
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