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Originally Posted by amiidae View Post
I dont think there is no 1 fit all type of food.

It depends very much on the breed and condition of the pet... plus the owner's preference.

My dog has sensitive skin and allergy to beef, pork, chicken etc.. oh ya.. also sensitive to Heartgard... but have no issue with fish4dog - salmon / white fish... and the vet change it to Revolution drip...

no issue with the poo.. btw, mine is Italian greyhound fm Aust.
This I agree.
And also why I keep tryin out new food and switch ard every now and den.

In fact I still switch ard. Other brands I feed on rotation basis -
Golden Harvest

Btw hor... i realised hor... everytime i use revolution or frontline or any of those stuff, my girls tend to have skin issues.
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