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Originally Posted by joydiv View Post
I am not using it, but I know of people using it and swear by it. It is one of the most reliable chiller around. It is extremely quiet and heat generated is quite low, best its temp probe actually work well! Check around the marine forum, I think they do have some review of it.
I used to have a resun CL650, cant stand the noise and the frequent kick in so I sold it. I also have a 1/10 hp Boyu just as nosy and I have to add in a temp probe to prevent frequent kick in. Lastly is a TECO TR 20, it runs quietly and efficiently. I hardly notice it is running.
Then again, the price of a 1/10 hp model is $1000+, thrice the price of a resun CL 450.
Hi joy,
Could you help me sharing the user manual guide for Boyu chiller L series ? Since the seller was losen it and I wanna test it before buying.
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