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Just wanna share my experiance using peltier for water cooling.
I have used 2 pcs peltier 10A each and 2 pcs water block (copper water block). Also used a big aluminium heatsink and 2 high speed fan attached to the heatsink. I ran the water by a DC 12 V pump from one waterblock go to another one. The reason was to increase the cooling speed. The target was for cooling 20 L water.
The result are :
- need long enought time for cooling the water (20 L)
- the temperature couldn't stable coz fluctuate by the environment temperature.
- only limited target of the temperature setting coz the peltier only work as the differ between cold and hot plate. The coldest the hot side, the coldest the cool side.
- for making the hot side coldest need high speed fan. Those fans make extra noisy sound.
- the Wasteful electric consumption rather than using refrigerant compressor.

So my opinion is better using another DIY solution such as second hand water cool dispenser. Or if the budget is enough than buy a water chiller.
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