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Part 1: Choosing a PNT (cont)
2. Choosing a male/female pnt.
While some pple like to choose the sexin of their pnt. so here is basically how to differentiate.
A) The tail.
The pnt tail is the key to identifyin its sex. Male have thick base tail and their tail are usually longer. The anus of the tail shld be located far away frm the bottom carapace. in fact if you turn a pnt over u can c tad the anus is located outside the circumference of the top carapace. This is to ensure easier copulation.
The female will be the opposite. Their tail will be thin and short. And their anus are usually located near the bottom carapace and within the circumference of the top carapace.
The bottom is a very good link tad have pics to show wad i've said

B) The Shell
Other then looking at the tail. One could check the bottom carapace to further determine the sexing oso. Male pnt usually have concave bottom carapace. Whereas female bottom carapace will be flat out.
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