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Just an update in case someone else faces the same problem with GSA. After looking through many forums and articles and trying various methods on my tank, I've finally managed to eradicate most of the GSA in my tank.

1) I reduced the number of hours of lighting in my tank to slightly less than 7 hours.

2) I made sure my tank doesn't get any direct sunlight.

3) I used an adaptation of Tom Barr's fertilization regime, which involved fertilizing more than the plants needs then changing 50% of the water at the end of the week, plus dosed extra phosphates.

4) Some of the plants grew large and overshadowed the light, which gave time for the other plants to be established, so that they could outcompete the algae even after I trimmed back the plants.

I still get a tiny bit of GSA on the glass, which I clean off every week, but now my tank is so much better without the GSA, which previously grew not only on the glass, but also on the plants.
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