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Thumbs up Thks bros...

Originally Posted by Freedomivan View Post
nice monster comm , any closeup photo of the kel?
Will try upload close up but i guess its close enuff bro any closer i need under water cam liao
Originally Posted by Censis View Post
Nice comm bro.. Is that my ff and Kelberi that I passed to u from last time?
Got meh?..FF yup,Kel nope...
Originally Posted by CharissaRyan View Post
Very nice special kel you have there. thx for sharing wish I have your kel haha
ya got a few pms frm funny pm was "bro where to buy xantho Kel?"I lost for words..
Originally Posted by Nicklee View Post
Nice peaceful com with beautiful fishes but just a bit over crowded.
Ya as they grow..will b off loading stocks again once it gets too small(space).
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