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Default DIY DI Unit by Sealife

Recommended by one of the reefers here a few months back... can't remember his nick.. if you know who you are... own up

Anyway, have been using this DI unit for all my top-up water for the past few days and the diatoms miraculously disappeared. Used to have to use the magnetic cleaner to clean the glass every 2 days as the whole glass is covered with diatoms. But since using DI water for top-up since Saturday, very little/no diatoms observed on the glass. Will monitor the situation and update this thread in a few weeks time.

Cost: $75
Replacement cartridge: $50 including installation
Lifespan: 1300l

Overall, if this DI unit really does its job well... I think its actually quite a worthwhile investment. Lets see if my green hair algae will go away in a few months time
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