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22:33 - thxpro98:
okay sure, i'm interested in the instant cycling kit, wad does it do ?
can the new tank be use in two - three days provide i place fishes to
provide waste?

22:34 - Disffusion:
So with Special Blend I can minimise wc as it will breaks down the
uneaten food (beefheart with garlic), fish poo and culture bb at the
same time?

22:34 - jest1081: gravel and substaret cleaner, does it break down feaces? if it does can i use it on an no gravel environment?
22:34 - xaine: RE: herbal blend : does it then prevent lower order crustaceans (shrimps and snails) from feeding then ?
22:34 - MicrobeLiftScot:
There must be a source of food and fish added right before the bacteria
are the best source. The rapid cycling of the system will prevent any
harm to the fish

22:35 - Rein-Biotech Services: thxpro98, pls send your request for purchase to , will direct you to the shops selling it
22:35 - MicrobeLiftScot:
For new tank start up it is the same answer. adjust pH and temperature
add fish food and bacteria. the system will cycle completely in a matter
of hours

22:35 - thxpro98: okay thanks
22:36 - Rein-Biotech Services: for all who wants to know where to get the products or needs anything, dun hesitate to email us -
22:36 - MicrobeLiftScot: TheraP will help fish use food better, so there will be less waste.
22:37 - Cow36:
Hi Scot, does that means during the rapid cycling, the fishes are
protected from amonia and nitrite spike? Is that what u mean?

22:37 - MicrobeLift:
jest1081- yes, gravel and substrate cleaner break down feaces and can
be used in tanks without gravel. The water will turn black when you
first add the product, it will clear after few hours

22:37 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes, with special blend you can minimize water changes. Its job is to break down uneaten food and organic waste
22:38 - jest1081: thus i can use thera p and the gravel cleaner together right?
22:38 - MicrobeLift: Yes
22:38 - jest1081: will this ensure reduced WC for me?
22:39 - jowy: i getting abit confused on the Cycling & Water Conditioning Kit
22:39 - MicrobeLift: Yes
22:39 - Disffusion:
For the herbal blend, can I soak my tubifex worms (as it contains lots
of parasite) to "clean" the worms off parasite and then feed the worms
to my fishes?

22:39 - jest1081: thank you!
22:40 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Based on our testing the Herbal treatment will not prevent shrimps and
snails from feeding. We actually have a reef safe version that does not
harm any of the delicate inverts that live in those systems

22:40 - jest1081: for purchasing, i will have to email you guys right?
22:41 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Havent tried soaking food in the herbal treatment first to clear
parasites, but it may work. you would have to test that one yourself and
let us know.

22:41 - AiZaiApple: Will special blend need to be dose constantly ? How long is the period between each dose ?
22:41 - MicrobeLift: You can email to
22:41 - Rein-Biotech Services: jest1081, for purchasing if u referring to getting from LFS, email us and we will direct u to the shops
22:42 - MicrobeLiftScot:
cow36 - the fish will be protected because the ammonia and nitrite
levels wont get as high or last nearly as long as they would without the
addition of the bacteria

22:42 - MicrobeLiftScot: jest1081 - one of the benefits of Special Blend is fewer water changes
22:42 - jest1081: thank you! anyway may i know the difference between the special blend, and gravel&substarate cleaner?
22:42 - Cow36: Ok thanks Scott. Doubts cleared
22:43 - thxpro98: i have send an e-mail, awaiting the reply thanks.
22:43 - MicrobeLiftScot:
When you first start using special blend you add a higher initial dose,
then add a loer dose once a week for the next 4 weeks. After that you
dose a small amount every 2 weeks

22:44 - jest1081: these doses are added after weekly WCs or on weekly basis wo WC?
22:44 - thxpro98: scot, is there any conditional that u will recommend to stablizied Ph? and increase BB growth for new tanks?
22:45 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Special Blend is a bacterial consortium designed to break down organics
and proteins including hard to degrade substances. If you start using
SB in a new system you should rarely need to add Gravel and Substrate
Cleaner (GSC)

22:45 - Disffusion: ok thanks!
22:45 - MicrobeLiftScot: GSC is soil extracts and additional microbes that help solubalize waste
22:46 - MicrobeLiftScot: You add this to the mix when you have a tank that has not been well maintained and has a lot of sludge build up
22:47 - jest1081: understood! thanks guys! so a mix od special blend and thera p should work to maintain good water conditions right?
22:47 - MicrobeLiftScot:
It will make it easier and faster for the SB to break down the waste
that has built up. it is also very good to add it to tanks where there
are areas that tend to trap waste where it gets packed in.

22:47 - Alvin Koh:
Hi all, time is 22:45 already. We will stop accepting questions now so
that Scott / Goh and Wilson can finish answering any outstanding

22:47 - MicrobeLift: Jest1081 yes you are right
22:47 - MicrobeLiftScot: They can be dosed after water changes or anytime that is convenient if you do no fewer water changes
22:48 - jowy: my tank just start up from yesterday. can i use SB and Cycling & Water Conditioning Kit to my tank if i purchase?
22:49 - BarraCuda™: it would be good to know which product can be purchased from which lfs .. D24 got info?
22:49 - jowy: i mean the water just start cycle yesterday*
22:49 - Alvin Koh: BarraCuda, yes, I have the list with me. It's quite long and I will post in the forum thread for easy reference
22:49 - MicrobeLiftScot:
thxpro98 - if I understand your question correctly the answer is no. If
you have very low pH you may need to boost KH until nitrification is
fully underway, but I think that would be a rare occasion

22:49 - MicrobeLift: Jowy, it is best to use when you have the fish in the tank.
22:50 - Alvin Koh: ok, I believe Jowy's question is the last?
22:50 - BarraCuda™: Alvin, would it be good to post in the associate forum?
22:50 - Rein-Biotech Services:
D24 does not have this info. Its easier for me to point the direction.
However, many of us do know where to get most of our stuff right

22:50 - jowy: ok. maybe i will get some fishes in my new tank
22:50 - satan_gal: can i ask one question?
22:50 - jowy: will that be alright?
22:50 - Alvin Koh: Yes, please refer to Rein-Biotech for exact locations. I have the product list instead
22:51 - thxpro98: thanks for the replies
22:51 - D24: er.... over liao har?
22:51 - Rein-Biotech Services: Is it ok to name LFS here or in the thread?
22:51 - WiNd.feNg: Thank you MicroLift.. tho i spend90% of the time reading
22:51 - D24: can i post the quiz now?
22:51 - MicrobeLiftScot:
I want to stress that KH is very important to proper function of
nitrifying bacteria. That is a big problem in low pH softwater tanks
because higher KH drives up the pH. But if you find that you cannot
cycle your system or if nitrification just stops. Boo

22:51 - Alvin Koh: satan_gal, please post the question if it's a brief one.
22:51 - satan_gal: would you happen to have sample sets so newbies like myself can try a whole set for diff needs?
22:51 - satan_gal: tks AK
22:51 - MicrobeLiftScot: boosting the KH will usually correct this
22:52 - thxpro98: so i have to get Kh buffers?
22:52 - thxpro98: my current KH is at 2
22:52 - BarraCuda™: Rein-Biotech - Posting it in a thread would be better
22:52 - Rein-Biotech Services: agree with Scott, KH is very impt, carbon source.
22:52 - Rein-Biotech Services: roger that
22:52 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If you do water changes with tap water you may never need to boost the
KH, if you use R/O water you may need to. We have a KH Bio booster that
does this very easily.

22:54 - thxpro98: yes i do WC with tap water, sure i will try to look into this. i believe my filtration is not good enough
22:54 - Alvin Koh: Scott, to follow on your insight on KH, what is the lower limit of dKH that is recommended to support the nitrifying bacteria?
22:54 - D24: Wilson, u can post them here:
22:55 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If you get a hold of one of our catalogs. You can download it in PDF
from the website, you will see that we do a variety of 4 pack
assortments, but these are generally not a stock item for dealers

22:55 - MicrobeLiftScot: best bet is to mix and match and buy the products you need or want to try
22:55 - Rein-Biotech Services: D24, I dun hv the info with me now, will do it tomr
22:56 - satan_gal: tks. will check it out
22:56 - Alvin Koh: The catalogs can be downloaded from here ->
22:56 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Remember that we have a staff at our offices in Florida who are there
to answer any questions you have. Questions can be submitted through the

22:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: on occasion you may find that some of those questions and up with me to answer.
22:56 - jowy: sure. thanks alot for your information and help. looking forward on your products when i purchase =)
22:57 - Alvin Koh: ok, I guess this ends the chat session tonight.
22:57 - Alvin Koh: Thank you Scott, Goh and Wilson : )
22:57 - MicrobeLiftScot: Thank you all for coming. I enjoyed answering your questions.
22:57 - MicrobeLift: thank you
22:57 - BarraCuda™:
22:57 - D24: Thx guys
22:57 - Alvin Koh: MicrobeLiftScot is Scott Berke
22:58 - BarraCuda™: Thanks guys!
22:58 - Alvin Koh: Please be reminded, that Microbe-Lift's booth at Aquarama is booth No. 710
22:58 - mihatah: thanks all guest speaker!!!
22:59 - jest1081: see u guys at aquarama, you'll have a booth right?
22:59 - Rein-Biotech Services: than you all bros!!
22:59 - MicrobeLiftScot: Will there be a transcript of this chat available?
22:59 - Alvin Koh: You are very welcome!
22:59 - D24: there's a quiz for all...
22:59 - MicrobeLift: Yes, booth 710
22:59 - D24: chk it out in Events Forum
22:59 - jest1081: aiya Alvin beat me to it. thanks ALvin
22:59 - D24:
22:59 - Alvin Koh: Steven, will the quiz be conducted in chat?
22:59 - war-z: Thanks y'all : )
23:00 - D24: no... the link
23:00 - Rein-Biotech Services: thanks MOD!!
23:00 - D24: in events forum
23:00 - Disffusion: thanks everyone!


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