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20:48 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Once the pH is where you want it to be you can use one of our buffer
stabilizers. The new one that just came out for Discus watet is designed
for use in low pH.

20:48 - MicrobeLiftScot: We do have one already that is a pH 6.5 Buffer
20:48 - haya23busa: ok ty
20:49 - BarraCuda™:
From davieboy, Compared to other products in the market, why is it that
I have to add so much more XTreme. This makes XTreme extremely costly
to use.

20:49 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Gravel and Substrate Cleaner should be used with Special Blend for best
results and the end result will be Nitrate, However first you get
carbonate, carbon dioxide, water, and some ammonia

20:49 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is that ammonia which will eventually end up as nitrate
20:50 - MicrobeLiftScot: This complete breakdown of the sludge removes it from the system
20:51 - fish2102:
Hi, i turn on my lights 24 hrs a day n therefore my water is green. Do u
have any product that can prevent this n yet not harmful to my aros?

20:51 - BarraCuda™: Can Gravel and Substrate Cleaner be dosed directly on to biomedia?
20:52 - MicrobeLift: Yes, it is mean to be used that way
20:52 - MicrobeLiftScot:
As a basic dechlorinator you can probably find some cheaper products as
compared to X-Treme. However, if you do a side by side comparison you
should see higher rates of removal for ammonia, beter control of heavy
metals and the additional additives for fi

20:53 - MicrobeLiftScot:
If all you want to do is remove chlorone and chloaramines cheaper I
have a different products for you. X-Treme is the best of the Best in
water conditioning

20:53 - MicrobeLift: Dear fish2102, we have algaway 5.4 that is not harmful to fish
20:54 - BarraCuda™: Can bacteria products actually harm fish eggs or cause infections?
20:54 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Gravel and Substrate Cleaner can be added directly to the bio-media,
but I honestly dont know if you will see faster or better results than
if you just add it to the tank

20:55 - jooster78: can you explain how algaway works and how long does a treatment last before we have to redose? thanks
20:55 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The bacteria in our products are all non-patogenic so no infections can
arise from its use. In Aquaculture a version of Special Blend is used
and we have seen higher egg yields with better survivability of the fry

20:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: With the added use of TheraP, a close cousin to Special Blend the fish tend to grow faster and have better color
20:56 - MicrobeLiftScot: TheraP has also been shown to encourage breeding
20:57 - MicrobeLiftScot: Use of Special Blend will actually outcompete many harmful bacteria making the environment healthier for the fish
20:57 - MicrobeLift: Marine Life Aquaculture is using our AquaC for fish hatchery. Use of our products increase the yield by 50%
20:58 - BarraCuda™: What would be the main key difference between special blend and TheraP?
20:58 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Algaway actually damages the thin cell wall of alage cousing it to
colapse and break apart. It cannot penetrate the thicker cell walls of
othe plants or animals

20:59 - matthew: when using xtreme, we shud base on total vol of tank or vol of water change? suppose we do a direct wc
20:59 - MicrobeLiftScot: Think of it like sticking a baloon with a pin and a basketball with the same pin, one pops (the algae) one doesnt(the plant)
21:00 - MicrobeLiftScot: It can be harmful to crustaceans in fresh water so dont use algaway with shrimp
21:00 - MicrobeLiftScot: the label also says not to use it with snails. this is incorrect but the government wont let us take it off.
21:00 - Alvin Koh: Matthew: your question is similiar to a previous one that was answered -> The answer is yes.
21:01 - Alvin Koh: It's based on total volume of water in the tank, instead of new water volume (water changed)
21:01 - MicrobeLiftScot:
TheraP came from Special Blend so there is some crossover. With regular
use of Special Blend certain which was designed foe cleaning water
certain health benefits were noticed in the fish

21:01 - Rein-Biotech Services: that means it inhibits growth of algae. Have to remove the dead algae or else it will become nutrients for algae growth again.
21:03 - MicrobeLiftScot:
the strains that have the health benefit for the fish were grown into
TheraP. with SB you get a little of the health benefits you see in
Therap, and with TheraP you get a little of the cleaning effect of SB

21:03 - Rein-Biotech Services:
as to why your tank keeps having algae, it is good to check the balance
of your bioload. The filter may not be removing the nutrients fast
enough allowing algae growth.

21:03 - MicrobeLiftScot: when used together, you can cut the dosage of each back a little
21:04 - Alvin Koh: Hi all, time really flies and so do the questions. May I interrupt for a 10 minute break.
21:04 - BarraCuda™: Toilet break!
21:04 - BarraCuda™: =)
21:04 - Alvin Koh: Time now is 21:04 (Singapore time)
21:04 - MicrobeLiftScot: Make sure to monitor phosphate levels as well as nitrate. all it takes is nutrient and light to become an alage farmer
21:04 - D24: Thx Alvin...
21:05 - Alvin Koh: We will resume again 21:14 (Singapore time) after Scott finishes with his reply.
21:05 - Rein-Biotech Services: that wld be nice. I will be back abt 920
21:05 - MicrobeLift:
You need to have anoxic zone in the filet media for effective
denitrifying bacteria to work to remove the nitrate, hence eliminate

21:06 - BarraCuda™:
it seems like I will have to buy 2 products to get rid of the "dirt"
covering my biomedia .. special blend and Gravel & Substrate Cleaner

21:07 - Alvin Koh: (10 minute break - Live chat resumes @ 21:15 SGT)
21:07 - matthew: any good deals at aquarama 2011 await us?
21:07 - jooster78: mine is a outdoor pond, will algeaway work?
21:08 - jwhtan: later they will ask .... who wants good deals ... kee chiu kee chiu ...... go break lar
21:08 - BarraCuda™: lelong?
21:09 - Alvin Koh: BarraCuda, how many pre-posted questions do you have left?
21:09 - khuancc: Hi, sorry I've just joined in. Does your algaeway removes po4?
21:09 - angelo: free gift?
21:09 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Jooster78 - we have Algaway 5.4 for ponds as well. It works great, but
you have to be real careful killing algae in an outdoor pond when it is
this hot. The algae will die quickly and can create an oxygen deficiancy

21:09 - BarraCuda™: Alvin, not many ..
21:10 - Alvin Koh: you guys are torturing Scott
21:10 - Alvin Koh: (10 minute break - Live chat resumes @ 21:15 SGT)
21:10 - MicrobeLiftScot: If killing algae outside in a pond in this heat you must have tremendous aeration and water circulation
21:10 - MicrobeLiftScot: I love this stuff
21:11 - Alvin Koh: To the rest of the lurkers in this chatroom, To show you are active, please indicate by saying 'Hi'. Thanks.
21:12 - xersion: Hi
21:12 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Algaway 5.4 does not remove or bind Phosphate. It kills algae. For
Phosphate control we have a liquid Phosphate Remover that will
permenantly bind out 1 - 1.5ppm of phosphate per dose

21:12 - kheldor: hi
21:12 - ilove2pigs: hello, sry, was busy reading the earlier posts as i joined late
21:12 - khuancc: So it's good for planted tank.
21:12 - Alvin Koh: thanks xersion, hi kheldor, ilove2pigs.
21:12 - atan: Hi! I love these stuffs too! Thanks for the valuable info.
21:14 - khuancc: I'm always having problem with hair algae in the initial start up like first 2mths, will y
21:14 - khuancc: Alga way kills hair algae.
21:15 - MicrobeLift: AlgAway works great on hair algae
21:15 - MicrobeLiftScot: Green water, hair algae, , blanket weed.....
21:15 - jooster78: that's what worries me too, i know algea in a way is good for a pond, just can't see the fishes unless feeding time...
21:16 - Alvin Koh: Okay all time is 21:15, time to resume the live chat
21:17 - ilove2pigs: can i ask a qns about the vitamins and amino acids?
21:17 - khuancc: Alright, thanks. Btw, what other products u have for planted tank? Substrate? Or ferts?
21:17 - MicrobeLift: Yes
21:17 - Alvin Koh: BTW, free 10 rep points for all participants of this live chat.
21:17 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The Algaway 5.4 wont kill all of the algae in one dose. So you can dose
it back to a level you are happy with. Useing PL will help cut down on
new algae growth in the pond by getting rid of the nutrients that feed

21:18 - widjajas: Hi, what microbelift product is best to use as regular maintenance? stuff that i can add together with my weekly waterchange.
21:18 - matthew: thks alvin
21:18 - MicrobeLiftScot: We have an entire new line for live planted aquariums.
21:18 - jooster78: sorry, and PL is?
21:18 - WiNd.feNg: if you guys are based in Singapore please employ me.. im trained in biotechnology... wahahaha
21:19 - ilove2pigs:
if i'm presently using SB and now with this chat, am contemplating
using teraP as well. is there really really a need for vitamins and
amino acids?

21:19 - MicrobeLift: PL is similar to Special Blend for pond application
21:19 - ilove2pigs: isn't treated water sufficient?
21:19 - khuancc: Will that be available during the expo?
21:19 - MicrobeLiftScot: in addition to planting substrate we have Phosphorous, Nitrogen, Iron, and potassium
21:19 - MicrobeLiftScot: We also have 3 unique products I am very excited about
21:20 - khuancc: Just saw the biologically alive substrate, will that be on sale? Will be doing a rescape soon
21:20 - MicrobeLift: some of the common products can be brought at the expo.
21:20 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Bloom and Grow ALl- In One. Thos is not exactly new but contains all of
the macro and micro nutrients except phosphate and nitrate

21:20 - jooster78: so you are saying using 1/2 dosage of algeaway and then use PL and monitor the result. am i right?
21:21 - MicrobeLiftScot: root dip - a presoak for roota that helps prevent transplant shock and preperes the roots for a strong start
21:21 - khuancc: Those biological alvi
21:21 - Zozo: What other 3 Products u have?
21:21 - khuancc: Alive substrate avail in expo?
21:21 - MicrobeLift: I do not recommend AlgAway and PL to be used together
21:21 - MicrobeLift: Use AlgAway first, and PL 3 days later
21:22 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Liquid Bio - Carbon - this a not only a liquid carbon source that can
replace CO2 injectors, it contains photsynthetic bacteria that populate
the roots making the plants use nutrients more efficiently

21:22 - jooster78: cool, got it, thanks for the advise.
21:23 - khuancc: Alright scot, Roy here. Will surely visit u at your booth. Hope to see your full range of planted tank stuff
21:24 - MicrobeLiftScot:
ilove2pigs- I would continue to use Vitamins and Amino Acids. The
TheraP will help the fish use nutrient from food better, but it will not
replace a good vitamin supplement

21:25 - BarraCuda™: Clarifier Plus an coagulant, will it bind fine sand?
21:25 - ilove2pigs: thanks for the reply Scot
21:25 - khuancc:
Btw, assuming a heavily planted tank with high lights and high co2,
roughly how long will your substrate system last? I mean the soil
nutrients . Thanks.

21:25 - MicrobeLiftScot: The substarte contains no nutrient. It is highly porous and designed to be used with our additives.
21:26 - aro-spino: hi all
21:26 - MicrobeLift: Clarifier Plus is a fluculant, yes, it will bind fine suspended sand particles
21:26 - khuancc: So it's mainly dependent on the water col fert?
21:27 - ilove2pigs:
am curious how you guys know the amount of vitamins and amino acids
are ideal for all freshwater fishes. since the range of freshwater
fishes is so large...

21:27 - MicrobeLiftScot:
When using the additives the substrate will trap it and hold it near
the roots where it is easily used by the plants. It is also sprayed with
Beneficial Bacteria to help get the system started

21:28 - MicrobeLiftScot: Yes. The substrate is just an excellent growth media but needs the fertilizers and supplements added to the water
21:29 - khuancc: U mean it's very high cfc? Or something like that?
21:29 - MicrobeLiftScot:
ilove2pigs- this is a good question. We have several versions of
Vitamins and Amino Acids that are designed for a general population of
fish found in a given type of water

21:29 - khuancc: It's inert?
21:29 - MicrobeLiftScot: Some fish will use more, some less from the VAA
21:30 - MicrobeLiftScot: It is the best method of Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplementation aside from weighing and injecting each fish
21:31 - ilove2pigs:
wow that's good to hear, i only see 1 version on your website so i
thought it'd be generic. i will be looking out for it. thanks for the
answer Scot

21:31 - MicrobeLiftScot:
The liquid bio carbon contains basic organic carbon sources that are
readily used by plants. These carbon sources include Humates, Peat among

21:32 - Zozo: How much is absorbed by the fish? How do one measure the effectiveness of the supp for fishes?
21:32 - MicrobeLiftScot: VAA is available for discus, cichlids, goldfish, tropical community fish, saltwater fish and corals and other reef inhabitants
21:33 - khuancc: Besides the root tabs, the ferts are mainly water column based? How's the dosing regime like?
21:34 - MicrobeLiftScot:
Rates of use by each fish will vary, You should be able to measure
theeffectiveness by the health and vigor of the fish. The goal is to
provide the fish with enough Vitamins and Amino Acids to make up for
shortcomings in food

21:34 - aro-spino: Does the substrate alter pH?
21:34 - MicrobeLift: No
21:35 - MicrobeLiftScot:
We have a standard dose for the plant additives based on plant stocking
levels and water volume. these are general guidlines and advanced users
can tweak the dosages to suit their needs

21:35 - MicrobeLiftScot: The substarte is pH neutral
21:35 - Zozo: How long should one feed the supp to see an improvement of their vigor?
21:37 - ilove2pigs:
i'm very keen in additives for fishes so i have one more qns. is it
more efficient to use krill enchance (just saw on your website) or VAA
since one is ingested directly while the other is "absorbed"?

21:37 - MicrobeLiftScot: You should notice a difference in the fish within a week or two of using the VAA.
21:37 - khuancc: For the nitrogen, possible to reveal what's the ConcentratIon of no3 per litre?
21:37 - locksley77: Can this be direct feed to aro instead of doses into the tank water?
21:38 - Alvin Koh:
21:38 - MicrobeLiftScot:
I could reveal the concentration, but.....I dont remember what it is. I
would have to post it to the forum after I can go back and check

21:39 - NEWBIEARO: Just to check eartheaters are proned to hole in the head, what's the likely reason and any prevention?
21:39 - aro-spino: Just scroll thru Microbe-Lift's webpage, care to briefly explain how oxygen retention is achieve? Thks.
21:39 - MicrobeLiftScot: Direct feed the vitamins? it is not intended for that use,
21:40 - Rein-Biotech Services: hi I'm back
21:40 - BarraCuda™: Will Clarifier Plus irritate fish gills?
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