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Satan; You can try Eradicate!
From B2K, green can. But I think only Groomers' Art having them right now.
I was hoarded by ticks (before I know about Carrington) and they worked wonder. Cleared off allllll my ticks at home! I used quite a few cans though!
But the key is MUST personally hand pick ticks out from your dogs at least twice a day. I had 4 dogs, so imagine the horror. And I never shaved them down.
& Yes I stopped Revolution and Frontline many years ago-- Ticks get immune to them, it's very bad for the dogs blahblahblah.

shawnng79 - Err... Pedigree is chunk loaded with preservatives, colourings and by-products that are not food grade at all. They also never label the meat sources, which can easily be any kind of meats (Yes, roadkills, rats, you name them). Bread is also not advisable to feed to dogs.
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