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Originally Posted by Limsteel View Post
IS LED DRIVER A MUST FOR HIGH POWER LED? I planning to connect them as if they are normal low current LED setup. 12VDC (Laptop charger with a few Amps) + resistor + LED = Light

I bought 10 x 3W White LED... got the shipment and I tested using a 9V batt with 100Ω... With this I should get around 40mA running through the LED. 2 out of 10 are dead. When I talked to the supplier, they replied they will not replace the LED as I use Batt+resistor to power them. They claimed that this will burn the LED. trying to BS me!

These 3W LED runs on 3.5V and 700mA. How can a mere 40mA killed it! what logic?
Where you got them from?
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