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Eggs = Hatched (floating)
Eggs = Unhatched (sink at bottom)

BBS swimming everywhere (mostly at the middle, some at top and bottom, attracted to bright lights)

No need for airstone as mentioned earlier in the thread. You need the strong bubbling to prevent any eggs from sinking at the bottom which may not hatch in the end.

If you want to put upside down from cap, you would need to design a hanging bottle (Can see from some LFS) rather than sitting type.

Actually siphoning is the more challenging step.
Have the correct size of netting to trap BBS. Personally, I use this box:
Although this is not the best method... My set up is about same as bro fireblade.
1) Siphon the top layer of floating hatched eggs shell a few rounds with net(for boon).
2) Pour slowly later into the box, while unhatched eggs are at bottom.
3) Fill the box with water, wait awhile and some un-netted floating hatch eggs shell will be floating in the box.
4) Use Daiso purchased sucktube to suck the top floating shell one more round.
5) Feed the BBS to the fishes....

As i mentioned, this is my own method and may not be the best. I am happy with doing it twice a day now. Until I am able to get a double filter netting to trap eggs from bbs (currently no LFS is selling except in Taiwan..)

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Hey bros , noob question. I everytime hatch , all the eggs also with bbs. Very hard lei. Need to use air stone? If u put upside down the bottle den put air tube at cap , how to balance the whole thing? Wont fall ? Use wad siphon bbs ?
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