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Originally Posted by HeiYuEr View Post
bo bian lah do business also very hard....I didn't know that I got to apply for approval first from another workshop before our workshop can intro new service to our customer leh.

to think that I have let him use my workshop space for free for his business use for the past one year....without any rental charges also....when he shift out my place two months back....kar ching pak pak tio zhao liao....leaving all the mess he created for me n my staffs to clear for him. (I got take all the pics also)

then now we also start doing the same service to our customers nia.....he posted FB liao...saying we are hungry .... need to sell the same thing or same service to sustain the emptiness in my workshop...saying that everyone inform him that we red eyes.

this is the kind of friend I have you know....never charge any rental or take any commission from him when he do his business here.....endup post big big and say such things.

endup....all my frds say I kum lan gong cb....this is what I get in return for helping a friend....those who in AF long enough will know who this ungrateful guy is....enough said.



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