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Default EvolutionZ's Floating Reef

Hey fellas! some of you might know im actually downgrading my tank and this thread will be for my new tank. It's not a big downgrade, and to some extend its an upgrade as well. Here are the tank specs:

Tank size : 90x45x45 10mm Front crystal with Bean animal C2C Overflow made by CRA.
Sump tank : 60x40x45 6mm 2 compartment
Skimmer : Skimz Mini DC SN123
Lighting : Maxspect Razor 160w 16k + 2x24w T5
Return pump : Jebao DC 9000
Chiller : Hailea HS-66a
Substrate : CaribSea Fiji Pink 40lb
Wavemaker : Jebao Rw-8

After i cleared my old tank, i borrowed a blue FGT tub from a friend and transferred some zoas, SPS as well as 2 fishes (mandarin & Bi-color blenny) and also some leftover live rocks over and so far its been a week and all corals and fishes are doing well. The LR will be used to seed my new dried rocks and will be placed in the sump.

As i said above, i will be using only treated dried rocks for my display. A total of 12kg Tonga + Tonga-like rocks were purchased, soaked in bleach & Vinegar and sun-dried.

These are the rocks

Bought this from AM with their current promotion! they will be used to scape my rocks.

My inspiration comes from Mr Kang's reef tank from korea.. Simply love the overhanging and floating look and will attempt to do a similar rockwork, though i do not have access to such beautiful rocks of his.. Im currently scaping the rocks and will do updates as and when i can!

Thanks for viewing!
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