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Originally Posted by Buzzer898 View Post
nice set up and beautiful CLs......

is it easy to keep them..? I have noticed in LFS that they are always timid and hide at a corner of tank.... will this situation improved after time.....

Pls advise. Many Thx
Thanks bro.

My CL have been with me for almost 2 yrs. I started with only a few CL and noticed that are quite timid and spend most of their time under DW. So I started to add more and they become daring. Think I have at least 20 pcs now. Really lost count. They now even fight with my aro for food. Haha.

My feel is to have plenty of hiding place for them and variety of food. This will make them happy and start to swim freely in the tank. I feed them chop mp, frozen blood worms, sinking pellets, cooked peas and also potato. I also have a wave maker which they love to swim against the strong current.
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